Post a Listing to Craigslist and Forward the Replies Back to ShowMojo

ShowMojo has many options available to work with Craigslist. However, to be honest, Craigslist really wants you to do everything manually with no additional tools nor assistance. We don't know why Craigslist is this way -- we just know that they are. 

So please understand that tuning ShowMojo for Craigslist and getting everything right for your specific situation could take some time and trial-and-error.

Posting Listings to Craigslist

ShowMojo provides a Craiglst template and watermarked photos that can be used to assist with posting to Craigslist. These can be found on the Listings page under the Advertise tab. 

You can use:

  1. The ShowMojo template, which includes schedule-a-showing text links as well as prompts to call or text your ShowMojo PHONE number. This is the simplest and most optimized option but will not work if you do a lot of posting, especially of the same listing.
  2. Your own Craigslist template (or free-form posts) with schedule-a-showing text links from the ShowMojo template, because some prospects really do copy-and-paste those links.
  3. Your own Craigslist posts with no schedule-a-showing links, which could reduce "flagging" if you are frequently posting the same listing.

ShowMojo can even automatically watermark your photos to explicitly include a "Call or Text" callout with your ShowMojo PHONE number. This can be done in the Watermaking section on the General Settings page.

If you download and store the watermarked photos in individual folders on your hard drive, then you should be able to upload them to Craigslist all at once when posting a listing. Just select all photos in your file browser by holding down the Control (on Windows) or Command (on Mac) key as you click each one.

Regarding Craigslist flagging, please see our Issues with Craigslist, Including Posts Being Flagged article.

Pointing Craigslist Leads Back At ShowMojo

Your ShowMojo PHONE number is a critical tool for Craigslist, as it will automatically field all incoming phone calls and text messages then deliver schedule-a-showing links to those prospects. So be sure to use it  as the contact number in your post (most critical) and even on your watermarked photos (less critical).

Regarding emails, you'll need to use one of two ways to forward all email leads to ShowMojo.

  1. Recommended: Use your own email addresses for Craigslist accounts and automatically forward all leads to ShowMojo. This is the recommended approach -- as it gives you full control of what you do with Craigslist -- but it means you will need to set your email system to forward to ShowMojo. Auto-forwarding can be done with many services, including Gmail, Yahoo, Microsoft Outlook, iCloud, and others.
  2. Also OK: Use your ShowMojo Auto-Reply Email Address as the email address for your Craigslist account. The good news here is you do have the ability to easily Use Multiple ShowMojo Auto-Reply Email Addresses so you can easily create new accounts. ShowMojo will forward Craigslist account notifications to you, though this might not happen immediately. 

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