Self-Show Location Verification and Fraud Warning Message

To help counter Fraudulent Self-Showing Activity, ShowMojo has added a feature to confirm the prospect's physical presence at the listing at the time of the showing. These are additional settings on the Showing Access Control and Notification

The feature requires that prospects let ShowMojo access their exact location on their smartphone. ShowMojo warns the prospect of this need and tells the prospect what settings to update on their smartphone. Prospects who refuse to provide ShowMojo access to their location will not be able to receive an access code.

Additionally, ShowMojo displays a warning message to the prospect about the potential for fraudulent activity stemming from parties who are not responsible for leasing the home.

At times, ShowMojo will automatically enable location verification on a showing based on the Fraudulent Showing Auto-Detection feature. When ShowMojo automatically enables location verification for a showing, you will see a message when you Review the History on a Showing that states "Location verification anti-fraud measure added by ShowMojo online."

To enable location verification on all self-showings, or to customize the fraud warning message, go to the Lockbox Settings page and edit the Showing Access Control and Notification section.

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