Lockbox Self-Show Insurance

Ready to start? Here's how you Enable Lockbox Self-Show Insurance‍.  

ShowMojo now offers lockbox-based, self-show insurance. This is first-party insurance for property managers. That means homeowner insurance policies do NOT need to be invoked to make a claim on this insurance.

Our lockbox-based, self-show insurance:

  • Covers property damage and vandalism that is a direct result of the lockbox access functionality.
  • Covers up to $5000 per incident with a $500 deductible.
  • Is valid only for VaultLOCKS and CodeBox digital lockboxes.
  • Does not cover legal fees.
  • Is applicable only to residential rentals and not commercial rentals, garages, storage sheds, etc.


ShowMojo's lockbox-based, self-show insurance is priced at only $12 per month per active lockbox. You ONLY pay for lockboxes you use -- and not the ones you don't. You can even move the same lockbox from one listing to another during the calendar month and it still counts as only one active lockbox.

At this time, lockbox insurance is account-wide. Insurance is automatically included on all active digital lockboxes on the account -- and individual lockboxes or listings cannot be excluded or included. ShowMojo will auto-detect the active lockboxes and the associated listing addresses. 

Enrollment and billing is based on calendar months. This is a recurring service -- once enrolled the account remains enrolled on a month-by-month. Cancelation requests must be received at least three business days prior to the start of a calendar month in which the service is to be canceled.  Billing is completed in arrears at the end of each calendar month -- when the total number of insured lockboxes is known. 

Active lockboxes are defined as a digital lockbox associated with an on-market listing within ShowMojo. When there are no active lockboxes for a calendar month, the account will not be charged for this service.

Coverage Details

With this insurance, our intent is to cover losses:

  • When the full and secure ShowMojo system is used to allow self-showing access to the home. (Not when access codes are simply given to prospects as they called in to a leasing office).
  • Where theft or intentional damage occurred (This is not accidental insurance.)
  • When the damage is done to the interior of the unit (exterior damage is not covered).
  • When a covered digital lockbox is used through ShowMojo on a listing that is on-market in ShowMojo. (This is meant to be as obvious as it sounds. The point is simply that the digital lockbox and the listing need to be active within the specific ShowMojo account.)

Coverage examples (all these examples assume the digital lockbox was used through the ShowMojo system for entry):

  • COVERED: Appliances stolen.
  • COVERED: Copper pipes stolen.
  • NOT COVERED: Personal property
  • COVERED: If someone uses the lockbox to get into the home and throws a party. 
  • NOT COVERED: Costs incurred to evict squatters and fraudulent move-ins.
  • COVERED: Physical property damage from squatters and fraudulent move-in.
  • NOT COVERED: Prospect uses toilet and toilet overflows.
  • NOT COVERED: Prospect leaves window open during self-show and rain come in.
  • NOT COVERED: Prospect accidentally leaves thermostat turned off after self-show and pipes freeze.

Please note that these are general examples and the claims adjuster will ultimately decide what is covered on a case by case basis.

Prompt payment is required for any claim against this insurance product. Payments are taken automatically at the end of each month. If any payment attempt fails -- and the balance of the payment is not obtained within four days of the first failed payment -- this may invalidate the insurance coverage for that month and the upcoming month. 

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