Showing Notification for Current Tenants, Owners, and Others

ShowMojo can automatically notify tenants, owners, and other third parties of upcoming showings on a daily basis (saving you both time and hassle). You can tell ShowMojo to enforce a minimum notice of up to 96 hours. 

Feature Overview

ShowMojo will not allow prospects to book new showtimes for a listing in less than the minimum notice period. This supersedes the settings on any calendars the listing is belongs to. However, ShowMojo will allow new prospects to Piggyback or Stack on existing showtimes in less than the required notice period (based on your calendar settings). 

Email notifications: When a listing has showing notification enabled, and when there are upcoming showings, ShowMojo will send an email to each contact at 8 AM. As necessary, ShowMojo will send email notifications midday to ensure current occupants are notified within the appropriate notification period.

Canceled Showing Notifications: ShowMojo can also be set to notify current occupants when a showing is canceled on the day of the showing and there are no other showings at that time. This will let the tenant know that no showing will occur at that time. NOTE: When showings are canceled prior to the day of the showing, no special notification is provided to the tenant -- as the update will be included in the standard 8am update.

Text Notifications: If a showing notification contact includes a phone number, then any midday notifications that ShowMojo sends by email (new or canceled showings) will also be sent by text message. When the update is simple, the information will be included directly in the text message. Otherwise, the contact will be directed to check their email for the details of the update.

Account and Listing Setup

Showing notification can be enabled and disabled on a listing-by-listing basis. Just:

  1. Go to the Listings page.
  2. Select the specific listing from the dropdown at the top of the page.
  3. Click Edit above the Showing Notification section.
  4. Enable the setting to add (or edit) email addresses and/or mobile numbers that will be notified about upcoming showings.
  5. Disable the setting to entirely turn off notifications for the listing.

Account-level presets can also be configured on the Listings Settings page in the Showing Notification section.

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