Secondary Listings and Cross-Marketing

Feature Overview

As prospects interact with your listings, ShowMojo automatically cross-markets your other similar (and available) listings. Secondary listings are an integral part of ShowMojo's Dynamic Prospect Nurturing capability.

ShowMojo will display secondary listings:

  1. On the schedule-a-showing page.
  2. After a prospect schedules a showing.
  3. When prospects view a listing that has been taken off the market.

In general, the goal is to encourage a single prospect to schedule multiple showings.

Account-Level (and Automatic) Settings

You can configure the behavior of secondary listings for your entire account on the Gallery and Branding Settings page in the Other Places You Might Like section.

Listing Level (and Manual) Settings

You can also custom configure secondary listings for a specific listing. You might do this when:

  • You are trying to highlight specific listings.
  • You simply know you local market better than ShowMojo's pre-programmed algorithms.
  • You want to disable secondary listings completely for one or more listings.

This feature is available on a listing-by-listing basis and can be set on the Listings page in the Listing Options section.

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