Use a Zoned Calendar Strategy to Efficiently Schedule in Different Geographic Areas

If you have a set of listings near each other in one location and another set of listings near each other in a different area, you can create independent Regional Calendars for each area. ShowMojo will then schedule showings within each geographic area and keep you from running all over town.

Here's an example. Say you live in the Chicago area and have listings both on the north side of Chicago and in Evanston. You can use: 

  • A Chicago calendar to schedule showings for your Chicago listings on Tuesdays and Thursdays
  • An Evanston calendar to schedule showings on Mondays and Wednesdays. 

Additionally, you could configure each calendar to split up Saturday. So you can schedule Evanston listings on Saturday morning and Chicago listings on Saturday afternoon.

Zones and Calendar Types

While this solution can also be implemented with the Standard Calendar Type, the standard calendar becomes more difficult to maintain with more listings and more show windows. Whereas the regional calendar type effortlessly scales to handle more listings, more show windows and even more regions.

Regional calendars also have more options when auto-assigning imported listings to calendars. If you are working with imported listings, you should also consider reviewing this article: Automatically Assign Imported Listings to the Correct Calendars, Showing Agents and Listing Groups.

Zones and Multiple Showing Agents

If you are using a portfolio leasing model, then each individual agent can pursue a zoned calendar strategy if he or she chooses to do so. The decisions and configurations of one agent will not impact other agents.

If you have multiple agents showing (sharing) the same listings, then you define the same zones for all agents and schedule agents that they are each covering different zones at different times. Two agents can cover two different zones at once. Three agents can cover three different zones at once. And they can switch in and out of zones as necessary.

To make zones easier to manage when they are shared by multiple showing agents, we recommend establishing and maintaining a Listing Group for each zone. Those listing groups can then be assigned to the agents' calendars -- instead of having to manage individual listing assignments.

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