Use Drive-Time Scheduling without Autonomous Scheduling

Drive-time scheduling can be used independent of Autonomous Scheduling. It automatically inserts traffic-aware drive times when scheduling alongside current showings. It can improve most scheduling scenarios in use today, by:

  • Providing more accurate travel time between showings.
  • Reducing wasted downtime. 
  • Ensuring enough travel time from one showing to the next.

Unless you have a good reason otherwise, we recommend using autonomous scheduling (and not simply drive-time scheduling).

Enable Drive-Time Scheduling

Follow the steps to Enable Autonomous Scheduling on your account. This will enable Drive-Time Scheduling as well.

How to Use Drive-Time Scheduling

Drive-time-based scheduling may improve the performance of any calendar, without having to make changes to other options on the calendar. Follow these steps when you want to enable drive-time-based scheduling but not full-blown Autonomous Scheduling:

  1. Go to your Calendar page and select a calendar on which you want to start use Drive Times.
  2. Scroll down to Options and click Edit.
  3. Look for the new setting: ShowMojo [will / will not] calculate and include drive times between showings. Enable the setting.
  4. Reduce the showing duration on the calendar to only the duration you need to complete a showing.
  5. Click Save.

That’s it. 

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