Efficiently Show Multiple Listing at the Same Property

In multi-family situations it is not uncommon that multiple units in a single property go vacant at once. 

Location-Based Scheduling

When scheduling showings for multi-family, you should always consider setting your ShowMojo calendar to schedule showings based on location and not simply specific listings. 

You can find and update this setting on the Calendar page, under the Options section. Just review the setting starting with "Schedule showings at".

An Efficient Location-Based Strategy

If you rent a lot of multi-units, then consider a showing strategy where you complete individual back-to-back showings in tight clusters at each property.

To set this up on your account:

1. Select a calendar that you will use solely for scheduling your multi-unit properties.

2. Create showing windows for the approximate time you will be at each property.

3. Configure the following settings in the Options section:

  • "Display my schedule using" Smart Show, which will ensure tight clustering of showtimes so you won't be waiting around at the property between showings.
  • "Schedule showings at" one location, which should automatically include all on-market listings at the property.
  • "Schedule showtimes" 15 minutes apart or just a few more minutes than it takes you to complete the average showing.
  • "Do not allow more than" 2 prospects to book showings at the same time. Why two? Because no one shows up on time and no matter how great ShowMojo is no-shows still happen.

Here's the usual outcome. You'll be busy doing showings the entire time you are at the property. You show to the first person who shows. Often, when you finish that showing, another prospect will be there for the next showing. Perhaps that prospect waited 5 minutes. Or perhaps the prospect was 20 minutes early, or even 20 minutes late. But who cares?

The important thing here is that multi-family showings usually happen fast. You will be back outside to pick up the next showing soon enough. And each showing gets their own independent showing but can often see two other prospects doing showings as well. The place comes off looking like it is in very high demand, while you can complete as many as six individual showings in an hour.

Please note, multiple prospects won't be able to book showings at the same time for teams using the Lead Claim feature.

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