Investigate the Cause of Double-Booked Showings

For the purpose of this article, we are defining a double-booked showing as:

  • Two or more showings.
  • Booked at the same showtime.
  • At two different listings.
  • When that's not something you want.

Believe it or not, some property managers and owners do want the above, and they can configure ShowMojo specifically to accommodate it. 

But, clearly, you have a double-booked showing and you don't want it, which is why you're reading this article.

Here is the list of things to check to find out what happened and to keep it from happening again:

  1. Review the Showing History on the double-booked showings you are investigating. If, for any one of the showings, you see the word custom next to the time at which it was scheduled, that means the showing was booked on a custom showtime. This was not a showtime offered by ShowMojo, but a time explicitly selected by you or one of your agents. You can further check showing history to confirm whether the prospect-scheduled showtime was booked prior to the custom-scheduled showtime.
  2. While you are still looking at showing history, check for a very extraordinary event. Were both double-booked showings scheduled in the same minute? If yes, this means they were likely scheduled within the same tenth-of-a-second (we just don't show you that level of detail). This is a very rare occurrence, but we've seen it happen. The two showings were essentially scheduled in the same instant, so the showtime was available to each. Our apologies. 
  3. Go to the Calendar page. One calendar at a time, select any calendar to which the double-booked listings belong. In the Options section confirm that the calendar is not set to schedule listings at multiple locations for the same showtime.
  4. On the Schedule Settings page in the Additional Settings section, check the very first setting and confirm that ShowMojo is set to not allow you or team members to double-book showings on two separate calendars.
  5. As a last step, confirm that no one on your team recently changed either of the above calendar or schedule settings since the double-booking occurred. If nothing else was amiss, a recent settings change is most likely the reason. 

If, after reviewing this article and confirming your settings are correct, you have another double-booking on your account that cannot be explained by anything above, please Contact ShowMojo Support with specific details on the double-booked showings.

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