Synchronize Showing Schedules with Third-Party Calendars

ShowMojo integrates with Google Calendar, Outlook 365, or any iCal-enabled calendaring system.

Locate the Calendar Integration Setting

For single user accounts or the Account Owner on multi-user accounts, these settings can be reviewed and configured on the Schedule Settings page in the Calendar Integration section.

In multi-user accounts, each showing agent and administrator has their own calendar integration for only their calendars and showings. The settings can be found on the My Settings page in the Calendar Integration section.

Feature Overview

ShowMojo can automatically publish the showing schedules of a full account or any showing agent (on a Multi-User account) via Google Calendar, Outlook 365, or any system that takes a .ics calendar feed.

Additionally, for Google Calendar and Outlook 365, the following features are available:

  • Choose the specific calendar on which showings are displayed.
  • Avoid busy times on your connected calendaring account.
  • Choose the exact calendars ShowMojo will and will not reference to avoid busy times.
  • Set busy time buffers before and after appointments.

ShowMojo does not support native calendar interrogation Microsoft Exchange, but it is possible to configure Microsoft Outlook applications to pull the .ics calendar feed.

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