Historic Listing Performance and Market Times

The Listing History Report gives critical performance insight into your previous on-market events -- that’s all the listings on your account that have gone off market.

What Data Fidelity Do You Want?

Before reading further, consider one important decision. Do all your off-market events end in rentals? If not, ShowMojo can collect outcome information directly from the showing agents responsible for the listing. This can be configured on the Listing History Report section of the Alerts & Reports page.

The information can also be updated at any time directly on the Listing History Report.

The Listing History Report

See Average Market Times: Check out the averages tile for your historical days on market. Then use the filters on the report to slice up that days on market number any way you like.

See Average Leasing Funnel Activity: From leads to scheduled showings to actual showings – and including conversion percent and feedback scores – this report averages it all.

Get the Details on Everything: Dig into each historical data for each off-market event. Filter by listing group, team member, and the off-market date.

The report provides data in the same fashion as the Listing Performance Report (explained in the Review and Troubleshoot the Lowest Performing Listings article) so historical and current metrics can be easily compared,

These reports are not accessible on ShowMojo CLASSIC accounts.

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