Property Inspections

ShowMojo has a closed, un-announced beta for Property Inspections. It does require a separate paid account. If you are interested in this functionality, just Contact ShowMojo Support for more information.


With a Property Inspections account, a company can "blast out" property inspection scheduling requests to current tenants. This is done via a spreadsheet upload. 

ShowMojo both emails and text messages the tenants, who schedule appointments via ShowMojo's normal scheduling functionality (with Team Members who are Inspection Agents instead of Showing Agents).

Inspection scheduling and follow up (with tenants who do not schedule their inspections) can be managed directly from the leads filter on the ShowMojo Dashboard.

Optional Features

The following features are added to an inspection account by default. Simply let us know if you want one removed:

  1. Starts confirmation 48 hours in advance instead of 24 hours in advance.
  2. Scheduling disallowed from schedule-a-showing pages. This means scheduling is "invite only".
  3. Prospects are not allowed to cancel or reschedule appointments.
  4. Receive a daily report for any leads that don't have available appointment times to select from.
  5. Display appointments in windows (example: 2pm to 3pm) instead of individual times (example: 2pm).

Set Up

  1. On the Push Scheduling Settings page, tailor the communication messages to your specific needs.
  2. On the Communication Settings page, configure the Showing Details Email section to your specific needs.
  3. On the General Settings page, add any screening questions you might need to ask. For example (i) the location of pets and (ii) whether there are unreported maintenance issues.
  4. ShowMojo uses the Properties page to manage any companies for which you complete inspections. For each company, you only need to add a Property Name and save the Property. (If you are performing inspections only for your company, then just add a single Property for your company.)

Uploading New Inspections

Inspections are uploaded using the CSV Import section on the Import Settings page.

This Inspection Upload Template must be used.

When ShowMojo successfully uploads inspection records, it immediately sends out the appropriate emails and text-messages.

Each file upload is treated as a separate "blast". So uploading the same file twice will result in duplicate inspection records and communications. This could make sense if you are doing inspections every six months and simply want to "blast" the same set of tenants again.

Inspection Upload Template Fields

At this time, all fields are required. Here are explanations for the non-obvious fields.

  • Inspection_id: Unique and internal to you.
  • Property_id: Unique, provided by you, and this should be consistent when the same listing address is re-uploaded for a new inspection. Note: while that is the intended purpose of this field, at this time the value can technically be anything and will have no functional impact. 
  • Property_manager: If you are conducting inspections only for your company, then the Property Name you added for your company. If you are conducting inspections for other property managers, then the name of the property manager for whom you are conducting an inspection (each should have a corresponding Property record in the ShowMojo account).

After the Inspection Requests Go Out

Here's some usage tips: 

  • When inspections are uploaded, they begin as leads, and can be found in the leads filter not the ShowMojo Dashboard.
  • Once the tenant schedules, the inspection can be found in the upcoming filter.
  • Some tenants don't schedule. You can locate and chase after these via the leads filter. You can text or email from ShowMojo, in addition to calling.

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