Add the ShowMojo Listings Gallery to Your Website

Your ShowMojo account comes with a listings gallery that you can add to your website or even use as a standalone page -- like a microsite.

Add The Listings Gallery to Your Website

Go to the Gallery & Branding page and the Listings Gallery section. 

If you want to embed the listings gallery on one of your pages, copy the HTML code in the Scrollable iframe text area.

If you want to link to the listings gallery from a menu bar item or something similar, copy the Page Link.

Add the HTML code or page link to your website (or hand this information to your website developer so he or she can do it), and you are ready to go.

Dynamic Header Behavior

The Listings Gallery header will automatically disappear when the page is embedded within another page. This behavior means a single URL can look good on its own and inside of another page.

It also means that, if you want the listings gallery to appear on its own stand-alone page with your custom URL, you will need to redirect to the listing gallery page and not simply embed it within a page belonging to the customer URL.

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