Customize the Header and Colors on Your Listings Gallery and Schedule-a-Showing Pages

The header on the listings gallery and schedule-a-showing pages can be customized to use a text message or logo of your choosing. You can even link the header to a web page of your choosing.

Additionally, you can update the look-and-feel of your listings gallery and schedule-a-showing pages to match your website. The colors of the page header, buttons, links and page background can all be customized.

You'll find these options in the Page Header and Colors sections on the Gallery & Branding page.  If you decide to use a custom image header instead of the default text, keep the following in mind:

  • Resizing your image can make a difference in its readability, but be sure you are starting with a good quality image.  Increasing the size of a small image that isn't high quality can lead to blurriness or stretching.  
  • Conversely, if your image has too much blank space around it, try cropping it to a tighter fit to get rid of the excess.
  • If your logo image has a background color instead of white or transparent, we'd recommend selecting a page header color to match.
  • Don't forget to check out how your header appears on a mobile phone, tablet, and computer so you can adjust it as needed so no matter how your prospect is viewing it, the custom header looks great each time.  

Do you need help finding the exact Hex Color Code to match your existing site or logo? Our first recommendation to help you with that is ImageColorPicker.comThat's not the prettiest site -- and not all their features seem to work all the time -- but you can reliably upload an image and identify the correct color code. And you can do this without having to install any app or plug-in.

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