Contact Later Feature Overview

Contact later is ShowMojo's Default Behavior When A Listing Has No Available Showtimes. It operates like this:

  • ShowMojo screens the prospect and accepts their contact information only when they are a fit for the listing. In other words, all Screening Question Restrictors operate as normal.
  • ShowMojo automatically notifies all prospects when showtimes become available on the listing. This is automatic (at 8am local time each morning) as in there’s nothing you need to do.
  • ShowMojo falls back on contact later whenever a listing has no available showtimes, not simply when a listing is in pre-marketing. You might never use Contact Later for pre-marketing, but it could be instrumental as a backstop when there are no available showtimes.
  • ShowMojo includes contact later leads in all Dynamic Prospect Notification activity. As always, the intent is a holistic, automated, do-it-for-you approach to leasing.

Contact later settings can be customized in the No Availability section on the Schedule Settings page.

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