Add a Lockbox or Smartlock to a Listing for Prospect Self Showings

ShowMojo supports a wide variety of digital access devices (lockboxes and smartlocks) as well as manual lockboxes. Digital devices have a number of options that manual lockboxes do not have.

Assign a Lockbox or Smartlock the Listings Page

A manual lockbox is added to a listing on the Listings page in the Listings Options section. Digital access devices can be assigned to listings regardless of whether the listing is on or off market.

ShowMojo needs to know which type of lockbox or smartlock to use on the listing.

  • Single code lockboxes are anything mechanical that operates with only one code. Just enter the code to use.
  • Multiple code lockboxes are typically the Nu-Set variety. You'll need the lockbox software to obtain a list of codes that can be uploaded.
  • Digital access devices include MojoLocks, VaultLOCKS, and CodeBoxes. Just select the appropriate device type and serial number.

All device-based settings are explained directly in the Listing Options section. For more information on these settings, see the Options Available for Prospect Self Showings and Digital Access Devices‍ article.

Other Digital Access Device Assignment Options

Digital access devices can also be assigned and unassigned from listings on the:

Digital Access Devices Are Still Usable Even When Not Accessible for Prospect Showings

If you add a digital access device to a listing and then:

  1. Disable the Access code distribution option, or
  2. Leave or take the listing off market

the device remains available for access codes to be pulled using the Digital Access Report, Text-to-Access and the Web App and Mobile App.

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