Using Digital Access Devices on Off-Market Listings

ShowMojo supports use of digital access devices on off-market listings (as well as Supporting Digital Lockboxes That Are Not Assigned to a Listing). 

Smartlocks sit on houses year round. And we know property managers and owners sometimes put a digital lockboxes on a house for vendors and their staff before the home is being marketed or shown. ShowMojo is built to support this.

Access codes can be retrieved from ShowMojo one of three ways:

  1. Use the Text-to-Access feature and ShowMojo will automatically respond to and track all code requests.
  2. Pull codes from the Digital Access Report, but you'll need to keep track of who you give them to.
  3. Pull codes from the Listings page, in the Listing Options section, but again you'll need to keep track of who you give each code to.

It is also possible to use the static Vendor Code Access on most CodeBoxes, though this type of access cannot be individually tracked.

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