Identify the Last Known Location of a CodeBox or VaultLOCKS Digital Lockbox

Looking to find a missing or lost CodeBox or VaultLOCKS?

The simple answer is to go to the Digital Access Report and search for the serial number of the digital lockbox (CodeBox or VaultLOCKS). It will be assigned to the last listing on which it had been used, unless someone with access to your ShowMojo account specifically removed it from that listing within ShowMojo.

If the digital lockbox was removed from the listing, then the previous listing to which it was assigned should be visible.

If the above steps do not work, and you are convinced the digital lockbox was left at a listing, Contact ShowMojo Support with the serial number of the digital lockbox and ask us to identify the last listing at with it was used. Please understand a response on this inquiry could take a business day or two.

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