Conduct Both Accompanied and Self-Showings on a Listing

Offering both accompanied and self-showing options is a great way to both boost the credibility of self-showings and guard against the loss of prospects who don't want to self-show. This is the case even if you provide only a couple showtimes for accompanied showings each week.

The option for both accompanied and self-showings on a listing is configured on the Listings page. Just follow these steps.

  1. Scroll down to the Listings Options section and click Edit.
  2. Find the Access code distribution option and configure a digital access device (if one is not already configured).
  3. Within the Access code distribution sub-section, set the "device will be used by" option to "by prospects to schedule either accompanied or self-showings".
  4. Additionally, in the next paragraph, you can configure ShowMojo should to automatically verify self-showings by credit card authentication, driver's license verification, or to give this option to the prospect.
  5. Be sure to assign this listing to a calendar that represents the actual times you or an agent will be available for accompanied, in-person showings.

Additionally, you can determine which showing option the prospect sees first -- accompanied or self-show. You can set this behavior on the Digital Access Settings page in the Additional Settings section.

When a listing is configured for both accompanied and self-showings, ShowMojo handles all the details for the prospect as he or she selects between the two different options. Self-showings are scheduled against all-day availability while accompanied showings are scheduled using the actual availability of you or your agents. If the prospect selects the self-showing option, ShowMojo explains why credit card authentication or driver's license verification may be required.

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