Content, Sort and Filter Options for the ShowMojo Listings Gallery

The settings discussed below can be found in the Listings Gallery section on the Gallery & Branding page.

Sort Options for the Listing Gallery

The Listings Gallery can be customized to sort one of three ways:

  • Lowest to highest rent (the default).
  • Highest to lowest rent.
  • Shortest to longest on-market time.

Listing Tile Content

You can chose whether or not to display the following details on each listing tile in your listings gallery:

  • Availability date
  • Pets allowed
  • Housing type
  • Lease duration
  • Security deposit

You also can those whether and how listing highlights and details are displayed on each listing tile.

Additional Options

These other options are also available:

  • An available date filter can be made visible on the listings gallery.
  • The listing map can atuo-expand by default, or be made available as a clickable button.
  • Sales and Commercial listings Can be Included in the listings gallery. When there are on-market sales listings on an account an no on-market rental listings, the gallery will automatically default to sales listing.

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