Transition Away from a Fixed-Width Design on Schedule-a-Showing (Listing) Pages

When ShowMojo transitioned to its new listing page design in May of 2018, a fixed-width page setting was added. As a backwards compatability measure, this setting was automatically enabled for accounts with a custom image that filled the full width of the header.

To transition away from this setting:

  1. Go to the Gallery & Branding page.
  2. Go to the Colors section.
  3. Update the Page header and footer colors to something that fits your page style. (Note: if you have a custom header image with a white background, you could go with the default style.)
  4. Go to the Page Header section.
  5. Update the setting that starts with Listing pages to expand with the width of the screen.
  6. Review both your listing and gallery pages to confirm the acceptability of the new settings.

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