Blacklist a Prospect by Email Address or Phone Number

Do you have an overachieving prospect with an underwhelming rental history? Are you receiving listing-site spam from someone fishing for leasing agent email addresses? Do you do lockbox-based self showings and have someone trying to fraudulently access those listings? Or have you got a prospect who, for whatever reason, you don’t want scheduling any more lockbox showings?

ShowMojo can disallow (or block) any specific prospect from scheduling a showing, based on a phone number or email address. You can blacklist from either:

Only Account Owners and Administrators can blacklist leads and showings. Blacklisting stops all scheduling attempts, listing site inquiries, and rental applications (if you choose to accept and manage Rental Applications within ShowMojo). Blacklisting also stops calls to ShowMojo PHONE. In addition to providing a reason for the blacklist action, you can even leave a note on the Communication Settings page to provide more detail.

ShowMojo remembers blacklisted items for thirteen months. Not longer — because phone numbers change, emails change, and sometimes people change.

Finally, ShowMojo will (at its sole discretion) independently review contact information blacklisted for fraudulent activity.

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