Listing Boost Feature Overview

ShowMojo’s new Listing Boost feature allows an account to create a custom set of boost Listing Sites. Syndication to those boost sites can then be controlled on a listing-by-listing basis.

Listing Boost can be used to save money on paid syndication services, so marketing dollars go only to the listings that need an extra boost. Or it can be used to limit lead flow from lower quality lead sources to only those listings that need the extra leads.

How It Works

First, we just need to be clear on something. For Listing Boost to work correctly, ShowMojo must be the ONLY listing source that syndicates listings to the boost sites configured on your account. If any other service is syndicating your listings to those same boost sites, the sites may still pick up your listings regardless of any setting in ShowMojo.

Next, you define a set of boost sites.

Then tell ShowMojo how individual listings should be treated when they come on market. Each newly on-market listing can be:

  • Dynamically added to boost sites based on lead flow.
  • Excluded from boost sites by default.
  • Included in boost sites by default.

If you've selected the automated option, there's nothing else you need to do. ShowMojo will send an email each morning listing the sites that were taken on and off market. However, for any given listing, you can override ShowMojo's automated setting on the Listing Advertise page. 

If you've selected a manual option, you can update the listing status from the Listing Advertise page.

Finally, listings that were previously on market and come back on market again will follow the default boost setting -- they will not remember any manual setting from their previous on-market period.

Get Started

To start using Listing Boost:

  1. Go to the Listing Syndication section on Listing Sites Settings and click Edit.
  2. Enable the Listing Boost toggle. 
  3. Update the individual listing sites that you wish to treat as boost sites.
  4. In the dropdown near the bottom of the section, indicate the default behavior for listings when they go on-market.
  5. If you've selected Dynamically added to boost sites based on lead flow then tailor the criteria for automated boost activity as necessary.
  6. Click Save.

That's it.

If you've selected or updated the dynamic setting, please be aware that it will not take effect until the following morning. ShowMojo evaluates the dynamic setting on each listing once each day, in the morning, and makes adjustments to listing feed inclusion at that time.

Manage All Of Your Listing Boost Statuses At a Glance

When Listing Boost is enabled, you can view the boost status of your listings via the Listing Performance Report.

For dynamically boosted listings, you will see a label that will let you know the current boost status of that listing.

If you have chosen to manually toggle boost settings, a slider will appear under each listing that will allow you to turn boost on and off for that particular listing. 

If you Export Data from the Listing Performance Report you will also see a Boost column which will tell you the current boost status of your listings.

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