The Trend Analysis Report

Want to know how your leasing process really works? Need to investigate some potential variability in leads, showings, or other activity on your account? You can now visualize your leasing performance over time.

  • Plot out more than a dozen metrics. By day. By week. By month.
  • View ratio metrics -- where one metric is divided by another -- just click on the drop-down related to that metric and select Divide By.
  • And even export the data.

It’s all available on our new Trend Analysis Report.

When filtering on team members, there are two options available, depending on your needs. When you select an individual team member on the report, you'll see an Only team member activity toggle.

When Only team member activity is toggled on: only leads and showings belonging to that team member are displayed. If your team members do not exclusively show specific listings (but, instead can show many or all on-market listings) then this is the setting for you, because you want to focus solely on the performance of the individual agent.

When Only team member activity is toggled off: all activity belonging to the listings assigned to that team member is displayed (including unassigned leads and showings assigned to other team members). If each of your team members is responsible for leasing a specific group of listings, then you want this toggled off, because you want to see all activity on the listings for which they are responsible.

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