Send Automated Weekly Listing Activity Reports to Owners

Listing Activity Reports are available to be viewed at any time on the Listings Report page.

Automatically Distribute the Report

Listing Activity Reports can be configured to automatically email on a weekly basis to owners and others, on any day you choose. This is configured on the Listings Report page.

Additionally, you can completely control and customize the content of the Listing Activity Report. This can be done from the Listings Settings page in the Listing Activity Reports section.

Any updates made to the Listing Activity Report template are immediately viewable on the Listings Report page.

The Report Tables

In addition to individual fields, there are four different data tables that can be added to the report.

Recent Showing Activity

This table is intended first and foremost to answer one question: What happened last week? It answers it by providing totals for leads collected, showings scheduled (during the week), and showings conducted (during the week).

It is important to understand that this is a snapshot in time — and not a funnel. Leads captured in previous weeks (and not counted in the report week) can be scheduled in the report week. Showings scheduled in previous week (and not counted in the report week) can be conducted in the report week. So there could be less scheduled showings than conducted showings, and even less leads than scheduled or conducted showings (though this later case would be unlikely).

This table also asks a secondary question: How many showings are still upcoming?

The data in this table is defined even further in the article: Definitions of Commonly Used Fields in Reports.

Lead Funnel Analysis

This is a simple, funnel-based set of totals for all activity on the listing. Leads convert into scheduled showings, scheduled showings convert into actual showings.

This report includes conversion percentages. Conversions between 25 and 40 percent from one step of the funnel to the next could be considered healthy.

The data in this table is defined even further in: Definitions of Commonly Used Fields in Reports.

Lead Source

A full list of known (and sometimes unknown) sources of the leads related to the listing. Data is provided for both the report week and the full rental period.

Typically the most important content in this section is listing site — such as, and

In general, ShowMojo will capture and report the domain name of whatever site the prospect came from. For example, when or is listed, this does mean the prospect arrived at the listing page directly from an internet search page.

When is listed, this means that the first time ShowMojo saw the prospect was on a ShowMojo-hosted page. This could, for example, be when the prospect started on an account listing gallery. While we break this entry out from the Other category, from a data analysis perspective you could choose to treat as Other, as in many cases the prospect might still have arrived to some earlier ShowMojo page from somewhere else and this information simply is not available. Note that, in general, we do try to track a prospect's original referral page as they travel across ShowMojo pages.

The term Other is used in cases where it is not possible to know where the prospect came from. For example,  the prospect came directly to ShowMojo and not from another website. This would be possible with schedule-a-showing links sent by email or text message. Another example might be a prospect using a browser built to hide (or obfuscate) a user's activity.

Prospect Feedback

A summary of all prospect feedback on the listing. This is completely unfiltered. It contains all the prospect feedback found on the Showing Feedback Report for the report duration. It does not include showing agent feedback.

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