View Codes and Details with the Digital Access History Report

One critical thing to understand about this report is that it is not a history of the prospects who received access codes. For showings, ShowMojo pulls codes as soon as the showing is scheduled. If the prospect is rejected for any reason or does not confirm the showing, then the access code is not distributed to the prospect.

The Digital Access History Report is accessible from the Other Reports page and displays for every digital lockbox on your account. It provides the following information:

  • Each access code provided.
  • The date for which it is valid.
  • The listing assigned to the digital lockbox when the showing was scheduled or the code pulled.
  • Whether the access code was pulled by a team member or for a showing.
  • The prospect name, when the access code was for a showing.
  • Whether the access code was actually distributed to a prospect.

The Digital Access History Report can be filtered by serial number, listing, or listing group.

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