The Standard Calendar Type

This is the default calendar that comes pre-set with each new ShowMojo account. When creating a new calendar and selecting a Calendar Type this is the option: Multiple Listings That Cannot Share The Same Show Windows (The Standard Calendar).

This is the default ShowMojo calendar because of its easy-to-understand and all-purpose nature. While it might not always be the absolute best solution, a single standard calendar can be used to meet the scheduling needs of a showing agent with a dozen or more listings in multiple geographic areas.

The defining characteristic of the standard calendar is the ability to assign different listings, listing groups, or properties to each show window. As suggested above, this means a single standard calendar can be used to create a recurring weekly schedule across different listing locations. 

The standard calendar is best for:

  • A starter calendar for a showing agent with less than a dozen showings who prefers to work from a single calendar.
  • A single calendar (or one of a set of two or three standard calendars) used by experienced showing agents who prefer to be very specific about how and when they show each listing.
  • A single calendar that spans multiple regions with less than a dozen or so show windows for the week. (More than that and you really should consider regional calendars.)
  • An "exception" calendar added alongside a set of regional calendars that targets specific listings that, for one reason or another, do not fit into the regional calendar strategy.

Finally, the more listings you have, the more important it will be to Use Listing Groups to Simplify Calendar Assignments. With this technique, pre-defined groups of listings can be easily added to and removed from individual show windows. Also, when importing listings, Listing to Listing Group Auto-Assignment Rules can be used to automatically build listing groups based on geographic location.

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