Restrict Listings to a Specific Number of Showings Per Week

Many showing agents prefer to show each listing only a certain number of times per week, but they are flexible about the specific time, allowing the first prospects who schedule for the week to set the times.

ShowMojo facilitates this scheduling behavior for group showings.

To configure this behavior, go to the Calendar page and be sure to select the calendar you wish to configure (if you have more than one).

In the Options section, update the settings:

  1. To schedule showings at "only one listing for each showtime".
  2. To "restrict each listing to one showtime per day" if that is also something you would want.
  3. To "restrict each listing to" a specified number of showtimes per week.
  4. To whatever maximum number of prospects you will allow at each showtime.

Now, on any week where a showing has yet not be scheduled for a specific listing, all available showtimes will be offered to each prospect. As showings are booked, additional available showtimes will be restricted based on the above settings.

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