Let Prospects Select Their Own Showtimes with Propose Showtimes

The propose showtimes feature allows a prospective renter to name possible showtimes that would work for them. 

The "prospects can propose three alternate showtimes" option is selected on a ShowMojo Calendar page (in the Options section). When this feature is enabled:

  1. Each prospect is first presented with the listing's pre-approved showtimes.
  2. Each prospect then has the option to propose their own showtime.
  3. The prospect must propose three different showtimes on three different days.
  4. You (or the showing agent) get to pick which showtime you want to accept, or none at all.
  5. The prospect can select showtimes with the times normally allowed for by Showing (Current Occupant) Notification or Showing Acceptance. The rationale is that this is an "override" to the normal showing process. The prospect is specifying their most desirable times, and showing agents may chose to make special requests of current occupants to meet those times.
  6. If you pick none (or don’t respond within 24 hours), the prospect is politely asked to try again. (And the Account Owner is notified about the rejected showing.)

Propose showtimes can also be configured as a fallback option when a calendar has no showtimes. This can be done on the Schedule Settings page, in the No Availability section.

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