Lead Claim Feature Overview

Lead claim is one of ShowMojo's team configuration options. It is modeled on the typical real estate office. When a generic inquiry hits the front desk -- whoever is available first, gets it. 

Perhaps it should be called Showing Claim, since ShowMojo notifies agents to claim screened and scheduled showings (much more valuable than just leads). The expectation is that the agent will honor the showtime that the prospect scheduled.

The first agent to claim a lead gets it. Once a lead is claimed, no other agent can claim it. If an agent follows a link to claim a lead that was already taken, ShowMojo will inform him or her that the lead is no longer available.

Lead claim team members do not have access to ShowMojo. Once they claim a showing, they do receive notifications from ShowMojo (such as cancels and reschedules). But lead claim team members have no ability to update or cancel the showing.

Please note, certain scheduling options such as restricting a listing's showings to once per day or allowing multiple prospects on one showtime are not available with the Lead Claim team type. 

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