Configure a Calendar for Group Showings

ShowMojo is built to schedule group showings out-of-the-box. But there is still some calendar configuration that you might need to do for group showings.

Whether you are using an existing calendar or a new calendar, please follow these steps:

  1. Go to the Calendar page.
  2. Select or create the calendar you want to use for group showings. (If you are creating a calendar, you might want to review The Two Calendar Types Used for Scheduling.)
  3. In the Availability section, ensure you have set the correct show windows (times you would be available to show) and added the correct listings.
  4. In the Options section, update the "do not allow more than" field to the total number of prospects you are willing to allow at a group showing. This is the essential setting to conduct group showings.
  5. Also in the Options section, review and update all the other settings to best suit your showing style.

That's it. Be sure to review the appropriate schedule-a-showing pages to confirm the initial available showtimes appear correctly. And please keep in mind that settings like Smart Show will hide some one your availability in order to best group and cluster your showtimes.

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