Using a Single or Shared User Account with Multiple Team Members

In and of itself, ShowMojo has no issue with using a Single User or Shared User account for multiple team members who might be doing showings. The practice works well when:

  1. Everyone on the team shares a single showing schedule,
  2. Individuals only occasionally have independent showing schedules and have access to the ShowMojo account, or
  3. Your team has someone dedicated to sorting out the scheduling and showing notifications for team members.

If none of the above three bullets describes your situation, then you should consider switching/upgrading to a Multi-User account.

If this approach sounds like it would fit your team, then there are two settings to keep in mind:

  • Consider using a Shared User to Include Other People on Lead and Showing Details Emails.
  • If you have individuals with independent showing schedules, you will likely want to allow double-booking on your account. To do this, go to the Additional Settings section on the Schedule Settings page and configure the first setting to allow double-booking on two separate ShowMojo calendars.

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