Reduce Call Times with an Automated Pre-Showing Questionnaire Followup

One major purpose of ShowMojo is to keep you from having to answer the phone. Nonetheless, there’s always been a small percentage of prospects who want (or occasionally need) special treatment. Additionally, we’re well aware that some of our property managers deploy the live-answered phone call as a high-touch service differentiator.

Nonetheless, ShowMojo can help you reduce those call times by distributing a pre-showing questionnaire after any phone-booked showing. It really is as simple as this.

  1. Answer the call.
  2. Click the New Showing link -- this is always available in the upper left when logged in to ShowMojo.
  3. Collect just a cell number and showtime.
  4. Tell the prospect they’ll be sent a questionnaire to complete before the showing.
  5. Hang up — politely.

ShowMojo automatically contacts the prospect and completes the screening. And ShowMojo automatically reminds a prospect if the questionnaire is not completed in a timely manner.

Better still, if a prospect fails to complete the pre-showing questionnaire, ShowMojo can automatically cancel the showing. Or ShowMojo can honor the showing. That’s yet another option you control.

Automated Pre-Showing Questionnaire Followup can be configured on the Schedule Settings page. Just scroll down to the Additional Settings section and look for the setting that starts with "When a showing is scheduled by any team member".

ShowMojo can even honor the restrictors on your pre-showing questionnaire (and cancel prospects who don't meet your criteria). To enable this option, update the setting that starts with "When a prospect updates a scheduled showing".

Please note: with this feature enabled, See It Now Showings Are Not Available when scheduling from within ShowMojo. See it now showings will still be available to prospects who self-schedule. 

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