The See It Now Option is Not Appearing for One or More Listings on a Lockbox

ShowMojo typically provides a See It Now option for listings that are shown via a lockbox. If you don't see this option present on a listing, it is most likely because of one of the following reasons:

  1. Based on the calendar or availability settings for the listing, it cannot be shown at that time.
  2. There is another showing currently scheduled or scheduled within the next 25 minutes.
  3. Document verification is set on the showing, without auto-approve enabled.
  4. Automated Pre-Showing Questionnaire Followup is enabled on the account.
  5. Showing (Current Occupant) Notification is enabled on the listing.
  6. Showing Acceptance is enabled on the listing.
  7. In the case a CodeBox, all the current day's access codes for the CodeBox have already been distributed.

If the listing is configured to pull lockbox showtimes from a calendar instead of the standard option of 30 minute windows, then also confirm:

  1. The calendar has show windows that make the listing available during the current time you are checking on availability. (Or, the listing is available to be scheduled within an hour of the current time you are checking on availability.)
  2. The calendar is set to schedule showings as little as one hour in advance.

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