Smart Show Versus Open Show

ShowMojo gives you significant power and flexibility when scheduling showings with your prospects. 

Based on the calendar options you select, Smart Show offers showtimes to prospects that consolidate your showings into efficient clusters, minimizing your wait time at the listing.

For Smart Show, there's some serious (and proprietary) algorithms at work here. You won't see all your available showtimes based on your calendar settings, but that's because ShowMojo is optimizing you available showtime to:

  1. Cluster your upcoming showings.
  2. Provide the simplest scheduling experience for the prospective renter.

To get a better sense of how Smart Show works, check out our article: You Are Not Missing Showtimes but Just Using Smart Show.

You can also choose to use Open Show. This will provide a simple selection of your complete availability. Prospects will be able to select any available showtime they wish.

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