Stack Last-Minute Showings Alongside Properly-Scheduled Showings

Are you showing an occupied listing and looking to stack (or sneak) a last-minute showing on top of an existing showing that scheduled in advance? For example, the tenant already received notice for a showing at 5pm, so why not just stack in a 5:15pm showing?

Stacking can be used with any listing (not just occupied listings) to allow last-minute showings to schedule. If you already know you're jumping into the car to drive to the property -- why not.

Configure Stacking on a Calendar

ShowMojo can be configured to stack showings automatically. Stacking is configured on a calendar-by-calendar basis. The setting is available when a calendar is configured to schedule showings within each window (and not for each showtime).

When stacking is available on a calendar, a toggle will be visible in in the Options section to enable or disable stacking. Additionally, each calendar can be configured to allow:

  1. The number of hours in advance that a stacked showing must be scheduled.
  2. The duration for which stacking is allowed after a properly-scheduled showing.

Stacked showings are allowed only immediately after a scheduled showing (whether that scheduled-showing was properly-scheduled or stacked). Stacked showings cannot be scheduled if they do not fit within the show windows configured in the Availability section of the calendar page.

Stacking can be used in conjunction with Piggybacking (which allows additional showings to schedule at the same time as properly-scheduled showings).

Stacking and Showing Notifications

ShowMojo carefully manages showing notifications based on stacked showings. The goal is to keep the occupants up to date on showing status, while not bothering them with details on stacked showings. Specifically:

  • Notifications are sent for showings that honor the notification period.
  • Notifications are not sent for stacked showings.
  • Notifications are not sent for stacked showings that cancel.
  • Notifications for properly-scheduled showings that cancel are only sent when there are no stacked showings associated with the canceled showing.

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