A Showing Was Scheduled by Someone Using the Third-Party Agent Link Who Was Not an Agent

ShowMojo's Third-Party Agent Scheduling feature allows you to add a special listings gallery link to your MLS so agents who have access to that system can schedule their own showings.

It is important to understand that the security of this approach, ultimately, relies on the security of your MLS and correct placement of the third-party agent scheduling link within the MLS.

The third-party agent scheduling link should always-and-only be placed in an MLS listing section (usually showing instructions) that can be accessed only by licensed member agents.

Following this practice is no different than placing a lockbox code in the MLS listing showing instructions. Nonetheless, ShowMojo's Third-Party Agent Scheduling feature is significantly more secure than simply making an lockbox code available. A showing still needs to be scheduled and contact information still needs to be provided before ShowMojo distributes a lockbox code.

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