Add an Autonomous Scheduling Calendar

There are two things to keep in mind as you get started with Autonomous Scheduling:

  1. You do need to have Autonomous Scheduling Enabled on Your Account.
  2. Your previously-scheduled showings do retain the showing duration you had set on the calendar. To reduce the duration of previously-scheduled showings, see this article: Set the Duration of a Showing (or Other Appointment).

Go Autonomous!

If you have no calendar currently configured for autonomous scheduling, then easiest way to get started with Autonomous Scheduling is to use the Go Autonomous! wizard.  

This wizard provides a simplified setup experience and includes the option to switch back to your old calendar setup at any time.  So there's no risk to giving autonomous scheduling a try. 

To get started, just go to your Calendar page, look on the left-hand column, and click on the Go Autonomous! link.

Once you've clicked on the link, ShowMojo will walk you through the setup process, and explain each option along the way.

At the end of the wizard, you can enable Autonomous Scheduling right away — or wait and enable it later.  There's an on/off toggle on the Calendar page that you can use to switch back and forth between your autonomous and non-autonomous calendars.

Enable Autonomous Scheduling on an Existing Calendar

If you prefer, you can update any existing calendars to autonomous scheduling.

You just need to select or configure a calendar that is suitable for autonomous scheduling. Specifically, the calendar should have:

  • Long show windows (such as from 10am to 6pm). Show windows less that four hours long will have limited value.
  • Many, if not all, of your on-market listings assigned to the calendar. (Or — if this is your first time using Autonomous Scheduling — as many listings as you are willing to experiment with.)

Once you have selected or configured a calendar, follow these steps:

  1. Scroll down to Options and click Edit.
  2. In the first setting — Display my schedule — update the dropdown to Autonomous Scheduling.
  3. Review and — if necessary — update your preferred drive time.
  4. Reduce the showing duration on the calendar to only the duration you need to complete a showing.
  5. Click Save.

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