You Are Not Missing Showtimes but Just Using Smart Show

Do you think ShowMojo isn't making all your showtimes immediately available to prospects. Well, head over to the Calendar for that listing and check the Options section to see if you are using Smart Show.

If you are using Smart Show, then everything is ok. ShowMojo is intentionally hiding potential showtimes based on these rules:

  • Smart Show initially makes each show window mostly available, offering the prospect up to 11 showtimes evenly distributed across the entire duration of the window.
  • When no showings are booked for a specific show window, Smart Show clips off the first and last showtimes. This better enables clustering by keeping the first person who schedules from selecting one of the end showtimes.
  • After one prospect schedules a showtime within a show window, additional prospects can only schedule times adjacent to the showings already scheduled within that window — or on top of booked times if you allow double-booking.

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