Drivers License and Document Verification

Document verification allows property owners, managers and leasing agents to easily obtain, review and approve a document prior to a firmly-scheduled showing. Once documents are approved, ShowMojo continues with any additional scheduling steps, such as Showing Acceptance and Showing Confirmation‍.

Feature Overview

This feature is most often used to review and approve a drivers license or other form of government identification prior to providing lockbox access for a self showing. But it is also used to obtain initial financial documents (such as pay stubs) or as identity verification for in-person showings.

The document verification flow, at its most basic, works as follows:

  1. A prospective renter goes through the standard process of scheduling a showing via ShowMojo.
  2. As part of completing the screening questionnaire, the prospect explicitly agrees to the document verification procedure.
  3. If the prospect schedules the showing from their smart phone, ShowMojo gives the prospect the option to upload the document directly from their smartphone browser. 
  4. If the prospect does not immediately upload the document, ShowMojo automatically sends a text message to the prospect, asking him or her to take a photo of the document and reply to the text message with that photo.
  5. The prospective renter simply replies to the text message with the photo of the document.
  6. An email with a link to the photo is automatically sent to the agent (or account owner) assigned to the showing for verification and approval. If all looks in order, the reviewer just clicks the “Approve this showing” button.
  7. The prospective renter is then notified by email, and the document verification process is complete. ShowMojo then continues with any additional activity, such as third-party showing acceptance, showing confirmation, and lockbox access code distribution.

Once a prospect's drivers license has been approved on your account (and only your account) ShowMojo will remember that prospect by their phone number and email address for 30 days, allowing the prospect to continue scheduling showings without having to resubmit the document (and without you needing to re-verify it). As a security measure, you can also Set ShowMojo to Forget Previously Approved Documents‍.

Showings that have been automatically accepted because of previous verification will show as an event when you Review History on a Showing and will state "Prospect document previously approved."

To view a submitted drivers license in your account, locate the showing appointment or lead from the dashboard. Click Edit to view that prospective renter's information. A link will appear on the record to View Submitted Documents. A separate window will then open that will include the drivers license, and any additional documents, that have been received.

Additionally, the document verification feature accounts for many edge cases, including Prospects Without Cell Phones and prospects who submit an illegible document. We've only gone into the most basic "happy path" here.

Setup and Configuration

You can add document verification to your screening questions one of two ways.

  1. For lockbox-based self-showings, drivers license verification can be dynamically added as a screening question on a listing-by-listing basis. For more information on this, see the article: Options Available for Lockboxes and Prospect Self Showings.
  2. For in-person showings, or cases where you want to collect a document other than a drivers license, see the article: Create a Pre-Showing Questionnaire with Pre-Set and Custom Screening Questions.

You can even Choose Who Reviews Documents Submitted for Verification‍.

Document Security

For more information on how submitted documents are secured, please refer to our article How ShowMojo Secures Submitted Documents.

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