Fraudulent Showing Auto-Detection, Flagging and Canceling

ShowMojo has built-in fraud auto-detection functionality for lockbox-based showings that:

  1. Tracks and blocks the contact details of known scam artists platform-wide — to stop these showings before they are scheduled.
  2. Immediately scans scheduled lockbox-based showings for fraud markers and automatically cancels high-risk showings.
  3. Automatically enables Location Verification on lower risk showings that exhibit a potentially fraudulent behavior.

There is no notice given on blocked showings. In this case, the contact information was already investigated and conclusively determined to be fraudulent. ShowMojo prevents a showing from being scheduled with known fraudulent data, and that's that.

When a showing is flagged and canceled, a special cancel notification is sent noting that the showing had been canceled due to a high likelihood of fraudulent activity. Information on scheduled showings that were flagged and canceled can be found on the Dashboard in the individual showing's history.

When showings are flagged and auto-canceled, if our confidence-rating is extremely high on that action, then no notice is given to the prospect.  When the confidence-rating is only high, then a cancel notice is sent to the "prospect" on the slim chance that an actual prospect was unintentionally flagged. This is so the prospect has an opportunity to reach out to someone and still see the listing. 

About the what and how behind this flagging activity -- frankly -- we are not sharing at this time. The contact data and fraud markers will -- by necessity -- regularly evolve. And the last thing we want to do is leak any information that might be beneficial to the very individuals we are trying to stop.

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