Comparison of Digital Lockbox Offerings

Choosing between the CodeBox and Vault eLockbox and looking for additional guidance?

Both are very dependable options. But here's a key distinction:

  • CodeBoxes have static agent, shackle and vendor codes, so the lockboxes can be accessed digitally by trusted individuals without needing to pull codes from ShowMojo. (But local box configuration can cause issues.)
  • Vault eLockboxes are configuration-free, which can lead to less issues when prospects access the lockbox. (But access and shackle codes need to be pulled from ShowMojo.)

We've also provided the following comparison options to help you understand the differences and determine what's right for you.

Vault eLockbox
Individual Access Code Duration
Day codes (good for two hours after first use)
Hour codes (good for the specific hour with some slack before and after)
Agent Code
Vendor Code
A single access code that does not change
7-day access codes
Lockbox Configuration Options
Date, time, agent code, vendor code, access window
Configuration-free design
Key Compartment Fits
CodeBox: multiple keys with keyring
CodeBox Junior: two keys
A few keys on a small ring
Access When Battery is Low
Secondary battery receptacle at bottom of CodeBox
Physical key
Physical Key to Access When Box Is Inoperable
No Yes
Batteries Type
9-volt battery
4 AA batteries
ShowMojo Support
As of 2015
As of 2017

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