Bring Your Own VaultLOCKS or CodeBox Digital Lockbox (and How to Add it to Your Account)

A Disclaimer for New CodeBox Users

If you want to use CodeBoxes for the first time, we highly recommend Purchasing CodeBoxes through ShowMojo. They come pre-configured and door-hang ready. We don't make money on the CodeBoxes we sell (we often don't even break even). This recommendation is based solely on a ease-of-use and a hassle-free experience for everyone.

Adding Digital Lockboxes to Your Account

You can always add digital lockboxes purchased elsewhere to your ShowMojo account. Once added to your account, the boxes are treated the same as any other digital lockboxes. ShowMojo covers digital lockboxes fees for these boxes. Any billing plan inclusions, limits or additional box fees will also apply to the digital lockboxes.

To add digital lockboxes to your account just Contact ShowMojo Support and provide a list of the digital lockboxes serial numbers to add in the message.

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