Investigate Why Dynamic Prospect Nurturing Emails Didn't Send

Dynamic Prospect Nurturing emails send in four cases:

  • When a new listing goes on the market.
  • When rent is reduced on a listing.
  • Every 10 days a listing is on the market.
  • When a listing is taken off-market.

If you believe ShowMojo should have sent (or offered to send) prospect nurturing emails when it did not, then please check the following:

  1. On the Communication Settings page in the Dynamic Prospect Notifications section, confirm that the appropriate notification is enabled.
  2. On the Gallery & Branding Settings page in the Other Places You Might Like section, confirm the distance and price ranges are accurate (and not too strict) for your region.
  3. For a new listing announcement, confirm that the listing has not previously been on market in the last 30 days.
  4. For a reduced rent announcement, confirm that rent had not been set to a lower amount in the last 30 days. ShowMojo will not announce a "lower rent" on a rent increased. Similarly, if the rent was already reduced, then increased, then reduced back to the same "reduced" rent, ShowMojo won't announce the reduction (when this occurs within the afore-mentioned 30-day window).
  5. For notifications when the listing has been on-market 10 days, verify in the Listing History that the listing was not off-market for any period of time within the last 10 days. 
  6. Additionally, verify that a 10-day notification was not already sent to any given prospect on the same listing. 

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