Listing Import Automation from Third-Party Source Systems

Note that word: "automation". This is no Mechanical Turk.  ShowMojo does not do “push of a button”. ShowMojo does: “There is no button. Enjoy your day at the beach.”

Current Import Sources

ShowMojo currently imports listings from: 

  • Rent Manager (Monthly Fee Required)
  • Propertyware
  • PropertyBoss
  • Buildium
  • HeroPM
  • AppFolio
  • PMW /
  • RentCafe
  • Rentec Direct
  • Rentvine
  • RentLinx
  • Any homespun Trulia listing feed
  • Any homespun Zillow listing feed
  • vFlyer

See our Switch ShowMojo to a New Listing Import Source System‍ article to set up an importer for any one of these systems.

Planned Import Sources

ShowMojo is also activity interested in setting up importers for:

  • Yardi
  • Entrada
  • MRI
  • RealPage
  • Resman

For more information about one of these importers Submit a Support Ticket with Information about Your Source System and Listings.

Feature Overview

For each of these “source systems” ShowMojo automatically:

  • Monitors for new on-market listings and imports each into ShowMojo.
  • Watermarks each listing photo based on your personalized settings.
  • Activates each listing in your ShowMojo Listings Gallery.
  • Syndicates each listing across more than 50 listings sites.
  • Assigns each new listing to the appropriate agent (or agents) and appropriate showing schedule (yes, automatically).
  • Prompts the appropriate agent for any needed Required Listing Updates, such as owner details, current resident info and lockbox assignment.
  • Starts scheduling showings (or pre-marketing, if that’s what you’ve configured ShowMojo to do) for each new listing.
  • Emails every prospect who expressed interest in other, similar listings in the last month, encouraging them to schedule a showing for each new listing.
  • Regularly syncs listing changes you’ve made in the source system to each listing in ShowMojo.
  • Watches for rent reductions and emails every prospect who inquired about the listing, informs them of the reduced rent, and encourages them to schedule a showing or apply.
  • Checks for listings that go off market and then off-markets the listing in ShowMojo.
  • Cancels upcoming showings for off-market listings including a text notification to the prospect when appropriate.
  • Directs each and every prospect who had expressed interest in an off-marketed listing to schedule another showing at your (and only your) similar on-the-market listings.

And you have not pushed a single button. But you must be tired from reading.

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