Automatically Assign Imported Listings to the Correct Calendars, Showing Agents and Listing Groups

When on-marketing a listing based on its status in the Listing Import Source, ShowMojo tries to automate everything that needs to be done to make that listing schedule-ready.

The Default Assignment

Every ShowMojo account comes with a default assignment option. For any newly-imported listing not covered by an assignment rule, ShowMojo can be configured to assign the listing to:

  • A calendar
  • A listing group
  • Nothing

This is done in the Default Calendar and Listing Auto-Assignment section on the Import Settings page.

Auto-Assignment Rules to Calendars and Listing Groups

Many additional types of rules can be added to the Default Calendar and Listing Auto-Assignment section.

By adding rules, you can use cities and/or zip codes to define the:

to which on-marketed listings are assigned.

For multi-user accounts, those calendar assignments (and any listing groups used on calendars) tie directly back to your showing agents. 

Additionally, showing agents can add their own, specific listing-to-calendar assignments on the Calendar page.

Finally, listings can be assigned directly to showing agent calendars based on their contact information in the listing source system. For more information on this feature, see the article: Automatic Listing Assignment from Agent Email Address on an Imported Listing.

Auto-Assign Imported Listings to Specific Calendars with Custom Details

Perhaps geographic locations do not provide enough accuracy. Or maybe you don't want to fuss with assignment rules and would rather the simplicity of specifying a calendar on a listing-by-listing basis from your property management software (or other Listing Import Source).

A quicker, simpler (but perhaps less scalable) approach is to Assign Listings to Regional Calendars based on Custom Details (or amenities or features) on an imported listing.

Note that this approach works only for Regional Calendars.

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