Configure Propertyware for ShowMojo

Ensure Housing Types Are Consistent

Because Propertyware allows users to define custom housing types, it's possible that ShowMojo might encounter issues when importing listings. Since housing type is an important aspect of Listing Sites syndication, you'll want to make sure you use only housing types that ShowMojo can correctly interpret.

Check out the Configuring Housing Types in an Import Source article for the specific details and steps.

Turn Off Propertyware Listing Syndication

ShowMojo's listing syndication covers all that Propertyware reaches and includes listing sites that Propertyware does not. 

Just follow the steps in the Turn Off Propertyware Listing Syndication article.

We strongly recommend against using Propertyware syndication with or in place of ShowMojo syndication. If you really believe you need to keep Propertyware syndication running, then be sure to Send All Propertyware Inquiries to ShowMojo.

If You Are Using a Propertyware Listings Widget

The simple (and recommended) solution is to remove the Propertyware listing widget from your website and in its place Add the ShowMojo Listings Gallery.

If you are using a Propertyware-hosted website, then:

  1. Follow the steps in the Add the ShowMojo Listings Gallery page to get the HTML code for your listings gallery.
  2. Go to the Sites screen in Propertyware.
  3. Select Configure next to the page that contains the Propertyware listing widget.
  4. Go to the Page Edit screen.
  5. Select Tools and then Source Code
  6. Replace the Propertyware listing widget with the HTML code for your ShowMojo listings gallery.
  7. Select OK then Save.

If you are using another website provider, then you will need to reach out to that provider for assistance.

If you want to continue using the Propertyware listing widget, then be sure to Send All Propertyware Inquiries to ShowMojo.

Make the Most of Pets Requirements in Propertyware

ShowMojo allows you to do much more than the simple Pets Allowed yes / no option on each Propertyware listing. Check out our Specify Specific Cats or Dogs Options on Listings Imported from Propertyware article.

Update Your Website

Regardless of whether you are using a Propertyware website or a custom website, the final step is to Optimize Your Website for ShowMojo.

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