Configure All Third-Party Systems for Marketing with ShowMojo

When you are ready to go live with ShowMojo, you will need to make updates to all other systems you have or will continue to use for syndication, online marketing or lead generation.

Listing Import Source Systems

This sections assumes you have already Set Up a Listing Import.

If ShowMojo is importing your listings from another system, follow the steps related to that system:

The above links also tell you how to disable listing syndication in those systems.

If you are using both Propertyware and PMW / FreeRentalSite, please note the following: Import Propertyware Listings from PMW (FreeRentalSite)‍.

And no matter what system you use, be sure to Optimize Your Website for ShowMojo.

Please continue to review this article, as there might be other items that apply to you.

Custom Marketing Site

If you have your own custom marketing site, not provided by one of the above systems, then you can and should Completely Incorporate ShowMojo into Your Website‍.

Other Syndication and Online Marketing

ShowMojo syndication is one of the best solutions available (short of the paid syndication services). So, first, we'd simply recommend shutting off any other syndication avenues (including MLS-based syndication) and syndicating directly from ShowMojo.

If you do plan to use additional syndication or online marketing services while using ShowMojo, you'll need to point those leads at ShowMojo. This means making sure that listing contact details are entered correctly on each and every listing. For systems from which ShowMojo imports, the instructions can be found by following the links above.

If you use, please consult our Send All Leads to ShowMojo article.

If you use Craigslist, please consult our Post a Listing to Craigslist article.

If you use services like, Rentbits, or your local MLS, you will need to contact those services directly to have the contact phone and email updated to Your ShowMojo PHONE Number and Auto-Reply Email Address.

Finally, if you receive email leads from multiple systems, you might chose to Forward Those Leads to ShowMojo.

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