Investigate and Resolve the Daily Performance Alert: Auto-Reply Email Address Missing

This Daily Performance Alert is automatically enabled (and automatically appears) on most accounts when a Listing Import is active on the account.

The purpose of this alert is to warn you that ShowMojo may not be receiving leads emailed to you from Listing Sites.

This is because the email address in the listing source system (where ShowMojo pulls the listing from) is not your Auto-Reply Email Address. It means the source system is providing a contact email to marketing and syndication partners that will leads to somewhere other than ShowMojo. Because it does not receive the leads, ShowMojo cannot act on them (as noted above).

Possible False Alarm

This alert is not an issue -- and can be disabled -- if you are 100 percent certain that your listing source system is not:

  1. Marketing your listings online in any form.
  2. Syndicating your listings to any listing sites.
  3. Passing contact information onto another site that might market or syndicate your listings.

Steps to Resolve

To correct a Auto-Reply Email Address Missing issue:

  1. Go to this article: Configure All Third-Party Systems for Marketing with ShowMojo‍.
  2. Locate your import source system.
  3. Follow the steps to ensure your Auto-Reply Email Address is included on every on-market listing.
  4. When necessary, follow all steps to ensure your Auto-Reply Email Address is included on every future listing.

Depending on your listing source system, this could be simple or not. If it's not simple, we apologize. But please understand that we do absolutely everything within our power to make connections with third-party systems as simple as possible. When these companies work with us, it turns out great.

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