Ensure the Correct Showing Agent is Notified When a Prospect Accesses a Digital Lockbox

This feature set does require a Multi-User account.

To have digital lockbox access notification alerts sent to the appropriate showing agent, you will need to follow these steps.

Step 1: Check/Update Your Account Settings

You might well already have these in place. But just to make sure:

  1. On the Digital Access Settings page go to the Showing Access Control and Notification section and ensure this feature is enabled.
  2. On the Team Settings page go to the Multi-User Options section and configure the option to assign lockbox showings to individual team members.

Step 2: A Regional Calendar for Each Showing Agent

ShowMojo knows a listing belongs to a showing agent when that listing is assigned to a calendar belonging to the showing agent. So:

  1. Go to the Calendar page.
  2. For each showing agent, confirm the agent has a Regional Calendar assigned to them. (A Regional Calendar is one where listings can be assigned in the Details section of the calendar.)
  3. Add a regional calendar for any showing agent who does not already have one. 

Step 3: Assign Each Listing to the Correct Showing Agent Calendar

There are few of ways to do this, depending on your needs.

  1. For a quick update of many listings, the listing assignments can be made from the Calendar page to each calendar.
  2. For an individual listing (when putting a listing on market, for example) the calendar assignment can be done from the Listings page in the Lockbox Options section.
  3. To automate this process, please consult our article: Automatically Assign Imported Listings to the Correct Calendars, Showing Agents and Listing Groups.

ONE IMPORTANT NOTE: You should not make any changes to the Lockbox code distribution settings in the Lockbox Options section to accommodate these changes. Whatever settings you have there should and do work independently of this update. 

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